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Free App with Custom Website Offer

The Newoptim Advantage

  • Grow Your Customer Base
  • Increase Your Business Leads
  • Leverage Our Years of Experience
  • Increase Your Marketing ROI, and more

Business in 2020 brought about new challenges and uncertainty. Covid has made business survival a top priority. And delivery has taken hold of many people forever changing the way we interact with customers.

At Hemera We Want To Help With An Unmatched Offer To Increase Revenue While Saving $1000’s.Free App with the purchase of 1 Custom Website.

App will match your new website or elements there in. Including a Shopping Cart, Memberships, Video and more

A One-Of-Kind Modern Website Built For Your Business

1 Year Free Hosting, Security, Verified Backup Service and Maintenance (Page Load Speed)

Our Risk Free Guarantee
If within the first 30 days of working with Hemera you are dissatisfied for any reason we will return 100% of your no questions asked. We are confident that given the opportunity, Hemera will exceed your expectations in design, performance and service.

The following is a general description of our process; each site is unique and handled in this manner. You are best served by solutions tailored to your specific needs, and that is what we do at Hemera.

Strategic Consultation and Planning
Every website development project will include at least one consultative session. It will include a review of your content, expectations, business needs, services/products, and the proposal review.

We will discuss your typical customer and what will meet their needs. A collaborative input to help drive the Development is imperative in meeting your vision and expectations.

This is where we create the first visual form of your website. We will simulate the site with one or more Photoshop Designs or use one of our Development servers to display the site to you for feedback.

Once the Designs are complete, we again display your site on one of our Development Servers for further review and refinement.

Design Evaluation & Revisions
It’s very possible you will want to make some changes and that’s normal and expected. As long as you are striving to meet your target audience’s expectations, you are moving in the right direction.

Because a Design often entails a number of revisions, we encourage our clients to review the site for a day or so before submitting changes. This could save you a few revisions. We never ask a client to approve something immediately. We always encourage them to walk away from it and look at it several times with “fresh eyes”.

We offer unlimited revisions during the initial development phase of 5 to 10 days. Website completion in 20-25 business days is the norm. In fact, we can completely change direction if you feel the current design is not what you’ve envisioned.

On-Site SEO & Content
Meta Titles and Descriptions, Image Alt Tags, review existing content and make recommendations.

Beta Browser/Device Testing
You will be given an opportunity to test your website and notate any issues or further edit requests. Test is performed on all modern devices and browsers.

Basic edit training is provided, which mainly consists of changing or adding to the website’s content, and managing your website in general.

Conversion to a Production Site
Once the design is approved, it is moved into production. If you decide to change the design once it has entered production, there may be additional charges, but this only applies to significant design revisions.

Ongoing Support, Marketing, and Updates
Search engine optimization, internet marketing, and technology updates begin. These tasks are scheduled based on your specific package.

This Package Also Includes:

✔ Website Design Services – Yours for life, 1 Custom Website. No design restrictions, let your imagination run wild or work with one of our graphic artists.

✔ Website Development – Using the latest technologies such as PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, Perl, and CSS. All sites are designed with a responsive framework, which means your site will look great on all devices, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

✔ Basic SEO Service – Meta descriptions and titles are added to each page. Keyword density is maintained in content that we provide. SEO is tested for code errors and performance metrics are monitored.

✔ Edit Training – We show you how to conduct basic website editing, including creating links, adding text or images, creating new pages, and more.

✔ Unlimited Forms – Hemera will create forms for registration, call to action, or whatever is appropriate for your industry.

✔ Site Performance Reporting – Complete website statistical reporting and tracking.

✔ Auto Backups and Site Monitoring – Configure online backups and Security. Monitor performance to protect the access and security of your data.

We will have your website framework up and running on one of our development servers in just a few days. You are then given login credentials to review the website and supply feedback to Hemera.

Content, Design, Functionality, and Optimization are added through out development. A total of 20 to 25 business days of design and development can be expected as the timeline to place your new site into production.

Thank you for considering Hemera as your digital media partner. Please feel free to contact us at 800-506-9689 or or using the form in the left side column on this page.

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