Website Development Process

The Newoptim Advantage

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  • Leverage Our Years of Experience
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How Can We Help You With Website Development?

Nothing is more frustrating than having a critical part of your marketing effort in seemingly indifferent hands. Fast, accurate service during initial development and throughout the life of the website is the standard at NewOptim.

1. Pre-Website Development – Meet and review your website development goals. Review a list of comparable sites & artwork. Determine the best technologies to reach your goals within your budget.

2. Begin Website Development – Set up server configuration and site structure. Complete the basic framework of the website.

3. Review Website – The site will be launched, allowing the client to see the work and recommend changes or additions as needed. We will also do a soft launch to test the user experience.

4. Website Delivery – The site will go fully live upon approval.

5. Website Support – Maintenance is often needed as your business grows and we look forward to helping you grow your business.


Steps to Developing Your Site’s Potential

Define the Purpose of the Website
Before initial development, we will clearly define your website’s purpose(s).

  • Generate leads for sales staff
  • Attract new online customers
  • Announce and market a product
  • Provide additional service or information to customers


Website Design
The design of your website should reflect the company brand and give the correct impression. Not only is it essential to consider the look of your website, but also the website’s performance. Websites loaded with images, video, and borders look nice, but they will slow down your website if improperly planned for.

  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Brand specifications & logos
  • Web colors


Easy and straightforward navigation is vital to your website’s success.

  • Provide internal links
  • Include a site map
  • Provide easy navigation to contact the business
  • Keep navigation simple


Monitoring your website will increase your success and is crucial in the website development process.

  • Track hits
  • Track number or orders
  • Track the average time visitors stay on your site
  • Confirmation pages
  • Ad revenue tracking
  • Links in
  • If your site proves to be successful, be ready to expand and handle the increase in demand.
  • Email Handling
  • Sales volume
  • Data transfer supplied with your hosting and increasing it


Define the Target Audience
Defining the target audience will determine SEO and SEM efforts and also the design and layout.

  • Existing customers
  • Local or National or International
  • New customers
  • General public
  • Specific demographic


Content is a very important part of your website. Content plays an ever-increasing role in SEO or where your site is ranking. NewOptim can provide content that conveys your vision and has the critical content needed for successful SEO.

  • Text: Reflects the purpose of the site
  • Content designed to reach the target audience
  • Forms
  • Graphics
  • Videos


How will you let the world know about your website?

  • SEM or Google, Yahoo, and Bing pay-per-click campaigns
  • Search engine submission
  • Social media
  • Email campaigns


Legal Considerations
Your website is your online business. It’s essential to protect yourself legally.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimers
  • Copyrights


Maintaining a website is crucial to keeping your website successful while reaching your goals.

  • Check and update content
  • Check links
  • Back up your website and databases
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